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If you’re considering expanding your portfolio, multifamily real estate investing is a solid place to start. As a vertically integrated Investment Real Estate Firm that focuses on investing in multifamily housing across markets in the Greater Salt Lake area, Belz Living has the know-how and grit to deliver tactical growth for our investors.

Our team brings integrity, precision, and hustle into every deal. Through value-add strategies, we put investor needs first while giving residents a space they are proud to call home.

Like all types of investments, it is important to consider the benefits and risks of real estate investments. But when you’re ready to make the jump, our team is here to help you aim higher.

Delivering time back to investors while elevating their real estate portfolio


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Low Risk

Historical data shows that real estate investing, especially multifamily apartment investing, has the highest number of ‘up’ years, and the lowest number of ‘down’ years when compared to traditional investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. Additionally, real estate continues to provide a steadfast hedge against inflation.

Positive Demand

Simply put, people will always need a place to live. Combine this with the macro trends of: decreasing homeownership, a desire for low maintenance living, increasing immigration rates, and population rise, growth in multifamily housing is inevitable.

Reliable Returns

Our partners benefit through solid returns in two ways: debt and equity. Debt investors benefit from consistent quarterly interest payments. Equity investors stand to gain through cash returns and possible profit splits. Independent of strategy, our focus is the growth of your original investment through sound fundamentals, unmatched transparency, and integrity in all we do.

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