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Published March 1, 2023
We have all heard there is a lag effect with inflation.

We have all heard there is a lag effect with inflation. Whether people were in denial or just wanting to wait to see how things play out, sellers in hotter markets did not budge expectations in 2022. With many sellers listing at record highs, the only way to get most deals to pencil was either cash offers or seller financing. In Q3 of 2022, brokers told us that no seller financed deal had been done in SLC since 2008. Taking that tip with a grain of salt… I continued to push the idea. Nine months later, many sellers are coming to terms with the current market conditions and are now considering the option to seller finance. Although not all sellers can support this type of financing depending on their debt held, we found it is always worth inquiring about it. If the sellers have a price, meet it with your terms.

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